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Benefits of lime and its use in the rain, Lemon Advantages

Lemon in rain

Lemon consumption in the rainy season is beneficial for our body. This is the store of Vitamin C,

Vitamin C goes home to scourge, anemia, bone joints, bleeding, toothache, pyuria, cough and asthma. Benefits of lemon is useful …

By leaking lemon in boiling water and drinking it, new energy starts to feel in the limbs of the body. The eye flame gets sharp. Good relief in mental impairment, head pain.

Those whose body is deficient in blood, the day falls on the day, they benefit the food of lemon and tomato juice. Drink lemon while roasting in the rain, it does not vomit. Salt and black pepper in both lemon, it is closed by filling in filling. Sesame filling in lemon also benefits from sucking.

Salt, black pepper, and sweeteners in cough, breath and fever can be beneficial by filling it with hot oil.

These diseases can be avoided by drinking lemon juice in hot water on different parts of the body and bone breaking, nostril, cold and flue.

Drink lemon lemon juice in cold water, it is beneficial to have heartburn, chest in the chest.

Mixing honey with lemon juice licks off and it loses the breath of children.

Rubbing a lemon slice on them on the skin. Rubbing alum in the lemon, rubbing it will make the skin rusty and the skin will shine.

If the throat is lagged or swollen in the throat, then by adding salt by squeezing the lemon into fresh water or hot water, grafting it three times is beneficial.

Squeezing lemon in fresh water gives relief in the diseases of the teeth.

The absence of gums, odor of the mouth is removed. Rubbing teeth with split lemons makes the teeth clean, beautiful and shiny.

Cleans lemon peak. All leucoderma disease, lemon juice in the boil, pimples, herpes, itch, etc., leverages the lemon in water, it is beneficial to wash and wash.

It is erased by itching after lemon squeezing hot water in hot water.

Mix lemon juice with four times glycerine and rub it on the face, the nails, acne are eradicated.

Lemon purifies blood. Lemon should drink continually three times a day in hot water.

Itching of the scalp by applying lemon juice four times a day helps in reducing herpes.

Diseases of the stomach in the rain often haunt. Lemon consumption is beneficial in these.

Drinking more leavening water in the diabetic is beneficial after drinking lemons in water.

When the epileptic seizure occurs, take a little bit of the asafetida and lemon with the patient, the patient will immediately become conscious.