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How to reduce belly fat, Measures to reduce belly fat With Excercise

Working late on the night Doing a chat on a laptop for a long time, sit down in front of a TV, sit in front of a TV, sit for a long time, or work more for junk food. This is all the reason why you can get rid of this from belly fat. We will tell you in this article. This article will help you.

First of all, we know why this is the problem

When the body’s metabolism is starting to decrease, the stomach i.e. begins to accumulate fat. Apart from this, there is also oxygen fat due to excess stress. Normally, when the hormone levels of cortisol increase in the body, it increases the stomach, though it is necessary for us to have a belly fat because it acts as a protective shield for bones and internal organs, but more benefits than usual are definitely anxiety Generator thing is not to look like this eye

Problems from

It has been seen that belly fat in women is significantly higher than in men. Hormone levels increase and decrease in women, in women who have more oxygen fat, diabetic heart disease breast cancer hypertension is more prone to choleraal cancer. .

How to get rid

Regular exercise, especially strength training, is a good way to reduce belly fat. Exercise With this technique, fat is less than the body’s abdominal issues. Fat is metabolized by this process and energy is safe. To reduce belly fat, cottage, dead lift, sharp running, and many types of circuit training are needed. The second most important thing to reduce belly fat is the right nutrition, therefore it is important to take fiber in the food. Calorie decreases with high amounts of fiber. And water does not get accumulated in the stomach and other parts of the body. Fruit vegetables and cereals have a high amount of fiber, so they must be included in their diet but it is important to avoid sweet things and red dirt. Nutrients and antioxidants present in the fruits protect our body. To reduce stomach fat, it is most important to consume less salt because of excessive salt intake due to fat in the stomach.

Do not take solids and liquids together.

It is also important to have the right amount of calcium in the food.

Our body has 70% water, drinking water throughout the day, the body was hydrated, the food is fully digested. And our body system is filtered. Sharif’s metabolic level increases by 30% with two cups of water. Before exercising, consume slowly digested carbs, doing this reduces fat faster.


Abdominal crunch

Lie down on your back, fold your knees and keep your hands under the head, lift your shoulders slightly above the ground, then come back to the pre-condition. You repeat this process 12 times.

Hip bridge

Now repeat it 10 times, lie down on the back, keep your knees down, keep your hands under the hip, keep your neck straight. Now with the strength of your palms and claws, slowly lift the waist portion upwards so that the shoulder to the knee flower Look like In this situation, stop your body for 2 seconds. Then came the former situation I came. Repeat this process 10 times In this situation, lower back hamstrings and glutus muscles will get stressed.


Standing in front of a wall, sitting half straight while keeping the back straight, feel the strain in the stomach and leg muscles during this time by moving your hands up and crossing the fingers to cross the cross, Sitting halfway down. Wait a second and stand up this process 5 to 8 times

Alternate Arm and Leg Rage

Lie down on your stomach. Raise your left hand and right leg. Keep both of them straight, come in the former position. Raise your right hand and left leg, repeat one Seth 10 times. Now come all four slowly and slowly to come into normal condition until your beating in normal condition.

Pay attention.

Relax 1 minute between each exercise. The right issue and the exercise done in the right position are useful. There is no need to stop breathing during workouts, during which some water can be drunk.